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HalalTradeZone Standards

At HalalTradeZone we follow strict standards for products that require Halal certification. We only accept Halal certification from internationally-recognised and respected Halal certification authorities.

Our Ethical Standards Include:


All ingredients used in the products we sell are checked and certified to ensure they are 100% pure and meet our high quality standards.


We strictly follow Halal certified supply chain for consumable products to maintain high standards of hygiene and compliance to food safety standards.


We only work with organisations which value animal rights, human rights, worker rights and environmental rights. We support anti-exploitation practices and initiatives as we aspire to a kinder, sustainable future for all.


We strictly follow high ethical standards in our day to day business activities. We comply with international laws against fraud, money laundering and corruption. We will never compromise our ethics for profits. We desire for others what we desire for ourselves.

We achieve our standards by working with reputable certification authorities, Fair-Trade certified suppliers and other relevant quality certification organisations globally.


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