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About Us

In the name of God, the most beneficent, the most merciful.

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Founded in 2009 HalalTradeZone.com is the first of its kind global Halal chamber of commerce and a B2B marketplace for Halal products from around the world.

At HalalTradeZone we work with local SMEs to develop & grow their businesses locally and globally. We act as an extended arm for SMEs to handle their Exports & Imports. Halal is a quality standard that stands for purity, hygiene, kindness and ethics that are universally accepted irrespective of race, religion or nationality and Halal Trade is an ethical trade process based on trust, transparency, respect and empathy for sustainable socio-economic growth and development. We believe in supporting and developing the local economy of every country we operate in and we do not engage or support activities which might be undermining SMEs or overall economy of any particular country.

At HalalTradeZone we help every legitimate business to prosper & we aim to build bridges among different communities through trade and information exchange locally and globally.

Our Mission

To make international Halal trade fast, simple, secure & easy.

Our Vision

To create an ethical and trustworthy international trade environment.

Our Guiding Principle

"The best of people are those that bring most benefit to the rest of humankind." - Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him)

Our History

2009 - HalalTradeZone was founded by Mohammed Noor a.k.a Noor Mohammed on 22nd September, 2009.

2010 - HalalTradeZone was made into world's first B2B & B2C portal for Halal industry.

2011 - B2B section of HalalTradeZone was made live.

2012 - HalalTradeZone became partners with various organisations globally to create a global network of verified businesses and had vendors from over 13 countries. In 2012 various supportive services for Halal businesses were also introduced.

2013 - HalalTradeZone released Ethical Commerce course and distributed 500 copies of Ethical Commerce booklet to delegates from over 70 countries at OIC world biz 2013 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

2014 - HalalTradeZone was made into a closed B2B network and B2C section was removed from HalalTradeZone.com.

2015 - HalalTradeZone was moved to UAE with a registered office in Dubai under a new legal entity.

2016 - HalalTradeZone became founding member of Islamic Reporting Initiative and a new subsidiary structure for HalalTradeZone was introduced to make international Halal trade fast, simple, secure & easy!

2017 - HalalTradeZone went through many improvements and 2017 played an important role in giving the founder clear strategies to achieve the goal of HalalTradeZone, which is to play an important role in building an ethical & socially responsible business world.

2018 - HalalTradeZone formed new partnerships with various organisations and industry experts in Europe, Middle East & South East Asia under the new structure with a stronger team.

2019 - HalalTradeZone formed collaborations with various chambers of commerce, online retail platforms and relevant organisations to start focusing on infrastructure structure development for a socially responsible & sustainable Halal industry.

2020 - HalalTradeZone organized first virtual international Halal Conference, first virtual international Halal Expo and first international Halal Awards.

2022 - HalalTradeZone developed the framework for inclusive & sustainable Halal Industrial Parks for OIC and non-OIC countries that export Halal products to OIC countries.

2023 - HalalTradeZone along with 14 other brands came under noorwaqf which is a private corporate waqf for Halal/Islamic Economy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We at HalalTradeZone have dedicated 15% of our profits to following causes:

  • Poverty Alleviation

  • Widows & Orphans Support

  • Provide Water & Sanitation

  • Emergency Medical Care

  • Education for Poor Kids

  • Food, Clothing & Shelter for Homeless

Please follow our social media pages and business news section for updates on our activities.


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